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At Toast we create an exceptional experience for our guest.

Our local produce, products, and crafts people are best represented by our menu of revitalized farm fare made with fresh ingredients carefully chosen from local farmers and our own small urban farm lot.

Our wine list is delicious, uncommon, and expressive of the terroir, and the farmers that grow the vines.

And our cocktails are handcrafted with a nod to the past, and a wink to the brilliant spirits and artisanal ingredients that are seasonally sourced and specifically created by our incredible staff.

Toast celebrates what the earth has to offer…raise a glass with us.


// Guest Chef Week - August 22-30, 2014

Chefs Jen and Joe are getting hitched, so while they're enjoying the honeymoon in sunny Mexico, at Toast we'll be rolling out the red carpet for the best chefs in Cleveland! Beginning on August 22 and 23, Adam Lambert of Ohio City Meat and Curing Company and Melissa Khoury from Saucisson will present a dinner of Rustic European fare. August 25 will feature a Hillbilly Picnic from Adam Bostwick and Brian Otkin of Cork and Cleaver Social Club. Karen Small of the Flying Fig will do her Farm-to-Table magic on August 26. Chris Hodgson of Hodge's will put out the Chef's Whim on August 27. Then on August 28, join Jill Vedaa of Rockefeller's for Spanish Tapas, followed by Gluten-free and Raw by Anna Harouvis of Anna in the Raw on August 29, and Healthy Comfort Food by John Selick of University Hospital to round out the week on August 30. There will be one seating each night and dinners will start with an optional cocktail hour from 6:30-7:30, with dinner at 7:30. $45 for each dinner exclusive of beverages, tax and gratuity. If you're really stoked, pre-pay for all 8 nights for $300. Call us for reservations - 216-862-8974. on August 22 2014

// Chefs Adam Lambert and Melissa Khoury's Rustic European Feast August 22 & 23, 2014 at 7:30 (cocktail hour 6:30-7:30)

A Rustic European Dinner


• Gazpacho with bone marrow brioche

Choose from ...


• Summer greens - shaved veggies, dijon vinaigrette

• Charcuterie ... blueberry mostarda, pickled veggies

• Ode to Toast Trio - Meat Toast ... whipped lardo, rillettes, house-made dry cured meaty bits

• Vegetarian Toast ... eggplant puree alla brace, bean salsa, bean puree

• Fried offal- eggy eggy aioli, chicharron, hot sauce Seconds

• Burger ... ground pancetta & beef blend, tomato chutney, cabbage, haystack potatoes

• Fazzoletti ... ricotta, summer veggies, parmesan brodo

• Pan-Seared Bass... cauliflower puree, braised leeks, herbs

• Chicken ... 1/2 roaster, garden vegetable panzanella

• Porchetta ... slow braised beans, gremolata, pork jus

Desserts (By Philomena Bakeshop, formerly Meringue Cleveland)

• Brown sugar & citrus cake - lemon curd, compote

• Flourless chocolate cake - cherry, pistachio

• Cookies - malted milk shake

on August 22 2014

// Chefs Adam Bostwick and Brian Otkin's Hillbilly Picnic August 25, 2014 at 7:30 (Cocktails 6:30-7:30)


Fried Chicken Deviled Eggs ... whipped yolk, crispy chicken skin, hot sauce, blue cheese


Chips-n-Dip ... pork rinds, sweet potato and russet potato chips, pickled carrots, guacamole, hummus, "Lipton's French onion soup" dip

Second - Side Dishes

Bologna Fried Rice ... Himalayan red rice, mire poix, soy sauce, crispy spam, fried TOAST farm egg

Potato Salad ... red skins, soft boiled eggs, onion, pickled leeks, grain mustard, herbs

Fruit Salad ... watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, berries, mint, chocolate vinaigrette


Chicken and Tuna Salads ... herbed chicken roulade, seared ahi, roasted grape, celery, onion, mustard ailoi


Ambrosia ... pistachio panna cotta, toasted housemade "cool whip," roasted pineapple and cherry, toasted pistachio

on August 25 2014

// Chef Karen Small's Farm to Table Fare August 26, 2014 at 7:30 (Cocktail 6:30-7:30)


Shaved zucchini salad, burrata, mint, Fresno chili, Spanish evoo


Ratatouille w/Shag Bark Granary polenta ... Pecorino, grilled garlic bread


Pan Fried perch ... cabbage curtido, fresh corn and Ohio cheddar papousa


Ohio braised lamb ... rutabaga puree, Moroccan spiced carrots


Sweet corn ice cream ... blueberry sauce, semolina cookies

on August 26 2014

// Chef Chris Hodge's Chef's Whim August 27, 2014 at 7:30 (cocktails 6:30-7:30)


Slow roasted baby carrots- cumin, wheat berry, crispy duck skin


Wood fire grilled octopus, baby fingerlings, cumin, caramelized fennel, herb salad


Smoked sweet breads, hamachi, pickled green tomato, brown butter, capers, shallots


Country ham- whipped maple pork fat, toasted "Texas" toast


Whole Fried Chicken Dinner- slaw, steak sweet potatoes, roasted corn

on August 27 2014

// Chef Jill Vedaa's Spanish Tapas Dinner August 28, 2014 at 7:30 (cocktails 6:30-7:30)

FRIO (Choice of two):

SHRIMP CEVICHE grapefruit, avocado and spicy pepper

WHITE ANCHOVY pisto and toast

OLIVES fresh herbs, lemon, fennel bulb and extra virgin olive oil

GAZPACHO local tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, avocado creme fraiche

CARPACCIO DE SOLOMILLO manchego, lemon oil and arugula

PA AMB TOMAQUET fresh garlic, local tomato and serrano

ENSALADAS (Choose one):

LOCAL BABY CARROT  beet root vinaigrette.

SHAVED ASPARAGUS fennel bulb, local goat cheese, almonds, lemon vinaigrette.

CALIENTE (Choice of two):

ALBONDIGAS spicy tomato sauce

PADRON PEPPERS sea salt, citrus oil, crème fraiche

PATATAS BRAVAS aioli, chile puree

ALMEJAS A LA GADITANA fresh parsley, toast

CAMBAS garlic, spanich paprika, white wine

SPANISH TORTILLA crispy serrano

POSTRE (Choose one):

ARROZ CON LECHE vanilla, lemon zest

FLAN fresh berries


on August 28 2014

// Chef Anna Harouvis's Gluten-free and Raw Dinner* August 29, 2014 at 7:30 (cocktails 6:30-7:30)


Raw breads and Raw cheeses and pickled veggies including your for table


Raw Beet Ravioli with a raw feta and pistatios


Fresh herb salad with a raw greek dressing


Grecian pasta with a Kelp noodle and a raw "feta" shallot gravy


Raw Carrot cake with a "cream cheese" icing

*Nuts are used extensively in this menu

on August 29 2014

// Chefs John and Allysun Selick's Healthy Comfort Food August 30, 2014 at 7:30 (cocktails 6:30-7:30)


Bread and Butter ... grilled vegetable tapenade, tomato jam


Marinated Beet Salad ... pink peppercorn goat cheese, pistachio burnt honey vinaigrette


Corn Bisque ... crab, coconut curry, cilantro


Grilled Pork Shoulder or Grilled Chicken ... ancient grains risotto, braised greens, spicy peaches


Mango Lassi ... yogurt panna cotta, spiced shortbread, mango

on August 30 2014


Phone: 216-862-8974

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